About Us

Chrissy LehatCuriously Creative Candles was founded by Chrissy Lehat in 1999. Starting as a basement operation, it set the stage to open up a small candle factory in Deer Park.

We've come a long long way over the years. We produce private label candles for businesses that submit their specific requirements to us (price point, fragrance level, type of wax, confidentiality agreements, etc.).

Our Deer Park facility is approximately 5,200 square feet. Our manufacturingCandle production capacities vary due to the style of candles we produce. Some candles are hand-carved one at a time, others are hand-poured but aided by machinery for speed mass-production, others can be made by cold process.

We are proud to say we are still functioning quite successfully out of our original Deer Park location. We have four other locations we vend out of on Eastern Long Island, please see our Kid's Crafting page.