Kids Crafting

We offer a wonderful children's craft called Kid's Crafting – Make A Candle. We use recycled scrap candle wax from our production room right here in Deer Park. This is a super successful sensory activity where children spoon in layers of colored and scented wax into a pre-wicked candle glass. We then pack and seal the candle and it's ready to go!

This activity is for ages four and up. It requires five seconds of instruction and five seconds to seal the candle. We broaden the activity by offering one-hour library programs, setup booths at many different festivals, participate in after-school recreation programs, fun day camps, and adult special needs groups.

This fantastic activity is also educational. During library sessions, we teach kids about the recycling wax process, how to recycle the candle glass, how to create vertical and quilted candles, and basic safety that candles are to be lit by an adult only. We encourage children to use a thought-process.

Due to our business structure, insurance regulations, and core business being private label manufacturing, we do not do home parties, or sell the "Make-A-Candle" materials to anyone at all.